Infographics Shared On Twitter Get 832% More Retweets Than Images And Articles [INFOGRAPHIC]

We sure do love our infographics here at AllTwitter. And this one’s a prime specimen of just how entwined infographics are in social media: it explores how popular infographics are compared to other types of posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

This is the very definition of meta-social media: an infographic that shows how infographics are shared on Twitter. Shared on a Twitter blog. Wrap your head around that!

Prepared by BitRebels, it aggregates the 500 most recent articles on the site and divides them up based on their content.

Those featuring infographics were shared a total of 1,091 times, while articles with only images or text were shared just 243 times.

And Twitter is the most infographic-hungry social network of all. Infographics were retweeted 578 times compared to just 63 times for the non-infographic tweets. That’s a 832 percent difference!

BitRebels breaks down their analysis into specific infographics that fared the best on social media. Of their top ten most-shared posts, five were most-shared on Twitter, four on StumbleUpon and one on Facebook.

Take a look at the infographic about infographics below for more on how popular these visual info-packed social goodies can be (click to enlarge):

(Infographic courtesy of BitRebels; Infographic image via Shutterstock)