Infographic: These Are the Images Travelers Share Most on Social Media

Tourists love to snap photos 'off the beaten track'

Travel photos can show brand affinity and influence others on social media platforms. Johnny Greig/Getty Images
Headshot of Emma Bazilian

With summer vacation in full swing, social media users’ feeds are being inundated with images of friends and family visiting far-flung destinations. Of course, in the age of Instagram, travel photos aren’t just simple snapshots—they provide personal messages, show brand affinity and influence others on the platform.

“In today’s experience-driven society, modern travelers are looking to one another for inspiration and affirmation,” said Pau Sabria, co-founder and CEO of visual marketing platform Olapic, which teamed up with Kantar Added Value to analyze more than 2,000 social travel images in an effort to determine what motivates people to share travel content online. “For travel brands, there is an enormous opportunity,” added Sabria. “This data puts a spotlight on what inspires travelers to create compelling content on behalf of a brand, which can ultimately influence others in their circle to make a booking decision.”

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@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.