Infographic: Star Wars, One Direction Among Most Buzzed Topics of 2015

A new infographic revealed how each topic compared with a close rival, and showed which topics where the ‘most talked about’ and ‘most engaging.’

Buzzoole, an automated influencer marketing platform, has released data analyzing how its social media users discussed major topics in the areas of film, technology and more in 2015. A new infographic reveals how each topic compares with a rival, and shows which topics were the ‘most talked about’ and ‘most engaging.’

In general, Buzzoole’s algorithm analyzes online conversations, and determines how influential users are about specific topics. For this infographic, data was pulled from the conversations of users who were determined to have at least 49 percent influence in a particular category. In addition, the most engaging topic in each pair was determined by analyzing the likes, shares, comments and more on posts about each topic.

Pitting Star Wars: The Force Awakens against The Hunger Games: Mockingly—Part 2, Star Wars was the more talked about film, at 93 percent, while The Hunger Games was the more engaging film, at 53 percent.

For technology, iOS was compared to Android, with iOS coming out on top for both measurements. Specifically, iOS was more talked about than Android, at 71 percent, and was found to be more engaging, at 59 percent.

In a statement, Fabrizio Perrone, founder and CEO of Buzzoole, commented:

These results show us that while some buzz-worthy topics of the past year may have been the most talked about by the watercooler, online conversations reveal results that are surprisingly different. These results further exemplify the efficiency of Buzzoole’s algorithm that allows us all to better understand social conversations and engage our audiences accordingly.

Check out Buzzoole’s complete results below.

Buzzoole Infographic

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