Infographic: Here’s How Much Consumers Will Use Voice Technology in the Near Future

And how they feel about digital assistants

More than 50% of global smartphone users want a voice assistant that can help them shop in a store. iStock Photo
Headshot of Erik Wander

Over the next few years, shopping in augmented reality, browsing the web without a screen and interacting with computer-based applications instead of humans will become increasingly commonplace, as voice technology becomes more pervasive in our lives. And that’s just fine with the majority of consumers, who clearly see the benefits of AI-based apps, even as they see room for improvement, according to research from Accenture Interactive on the use of voice-enabled digital assistants and consumer attitudes toward the technology.

Mark Kiernan, managing director, marketing, Accenture Digital, noted that as consumers become more comfortable with digital assistants, brands face a new set of challenges.

“As this new channel rapidly expands, brands have to adapt to an environment where they have even less control,” Kiernan said. “The interruptive model of paid advertising won’t work. Brands have to intuitively adapt to time, place and situation to ensure they are creating value-added, nonintrusive experiences.”

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@ejwander Erik Wander is the digital features editor at Adweek where he oversees Adweek's Story Desk.