Infographic: Digital Transformation Is Critical for B-to-B Companies. Here’s How They’re Doing

Buyers are turning to ecommerce, but sellers are still falling short

Ninety-four percent of global b-to-b executives say that b-to-b ecommerce is critical. Getty Images
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B-to-b buyers are increasingly using digital channels and want relevant, personalized web experiences. But those experiences are falling short for many buyers, as b-to-b sellers, while not yet as digitally sophisticated as they could be, invest in building out such capabilities.

Digital transformation is key for b-to-b companies, with 94 percent of global b-to-b executives acknowledging that b-to-b ecommerce is critical and 84 percent saying accelerating it is a priority, according to research from Accenture Interactive.

“Digital customer experience and sales channels are becoming the primary points of differentiation for b-to-b brands,” said Lianne Morgan, marketing studio lead at Accenture Interactive. “The sellers who succeed will be those that understand the dynamics and specific content needs of their buyer constellation, can clearly articulate the value of the business problems they solve for the customer and understand what transactions belong in which channels along the trajectory of the relationship.”

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@ejwander Erik Wander is the digital features editor at Adweek where he oversees Adweek's Story Desk.