Independent Developers Show Strongly on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s AppData list of the top emerging games on Facebook, measured as those still under a million monthly active users, contains an unusually high proportion of games that have gained almost all their users over the past few days. By and large, they’re also from developers with few other applications on Facebook.

Jeux Gratuits comes in at the top. It appears to be a French-language wrapper for a number of casual games, similar to MindJolt or 6waves. But at time of writing, the app isn’t loading properly. It also requires that new users allow it to automatically post to their wall, which would appear to be against Facebook’s latest developer rules.

Here’s the rest of the list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Jeux Gratuits844,778+721,188+85.37
2. Music Pets498,952+498,952+100.00
3. Zoo Paradise477,274+427,567+89.59
4. Mahjongg Dimensions881,454+308,918+35.05
5. Towner695,212+285,410+41.05
6. Ameba Pico241,337+241,272+99.97
7. Top Stalkers433,212+191,491+44.20
8. MMA Pro Fighter710,431+184,397+25.96
9. Jumping Dog683,774+167,712+24.53
10. Glamble521,626+160,859+30.84
11. Puzzle Bobble446,051+142,732+32.00
12. Jewel Puzzle 2590,053+126,329+21.41
13. Battle Stations121,550+121,550+100.00
14. Garden Life653,766+108,272+16.56
15. Capitales del mundo!721,185+100,429+13.93
16. Bola359,439+98,886+27.51
17. Farkle 2624,428+88,718+14.21
18. Alien Attack179,266+83,424+46.54
19. Live Games190,796+78,135+40.95
20. Armies637,496+77,435+12.15

Music Pets, coming in at number two, is the first success for Conduit Labs. This game combines the music and pet-raising genres; to raise your pets, you have to play them music that they’ll like. Beyond that detail, it’s pretty similar to Pet Society. We review Music Pets in more depth here.

Zoo Paradise, the latest offering from CrowdStar, offers up a challenge to RockYou’s most successful game, Zoo World. The basic aim is to build a nice-looking zoo, although the game could use a bit more work on its virtual goods system; we  reviewed it here. We’ve also noticed that CrowdStar is advertising heavily for Zoo Paradise on Facebook.

Mahjongg Dimensions, the first Facebook game from casual game publisher Arkadium, is continuing its steady march toward a million MAU. It’s followed by Towner, which is part of the rapidly expanding city building genre on Facebook. As we noted earlier today, Playdom’s Social City may be emerging as leader of the pack, driven by heavy promotion.

Ameba Pico is the first fast-growing game for CyberAgent America; despite the foreign sound of the name, it’s in English. The game revolves around the travels of avatars called Picos, and is based on a Japanese version called Ameba Pigg.

Top Stalkers is actually a social graph app, so we’ll skip it. And rounding out the top ten are MMA Pro Fighter, Jumping Dog and Glamble. Like Mahjongg Dimensions, these are all games that also appeared on the list last week, where we wrote more about them.