Important CES News: PR Pro Calls Press Corps “Fat Wannabes,” Then Busts Valleywag for Calling Fellow Reporter a Jackass


Stuntmeister Peter Shankman drove some traffic to his new site yesterday by busting Valleywag’s Jordon Golson for calling TheStreet’s Gary Krakow a “jackass.”

This was an hour or so after Golson does an “Overheard” on Shankman

Me: The lunch line is out of food. They’re going to revolt.

Peter Shankman: Yeah, right. Let’s see all these fat, out of shape, wannabe reporters start a revolt. That would be great.

So how did Shankman, a PR person sneak in the press room in the first place? He is a blogger for the NY Sun. Pretty cool Peter, but ixnay on the atfay annabesway.