Immersion Launches Do-It-Yourself Haptic Feedback Phone

Immersion Corporation, the touch feedback technology company, announced the launch of the Samsung Haptic 2, the first handset that—get this—lets users design their own haptic effects based on the firm’s VibeTonz solution, according to FierceMobileContent.

What is haptic feedback? It’s the little vibration or “buzz” you get when touching the screen, which gives you physical feedback and avoids the dreaded “pressing on wood” feeling you get when using regular touch screen cell phones.

So in this case, Immersion said that subscribers can create force feedback effects for mobile gaming as well as sensory confirmation in response to touchscreen, keypad, and button presses. They could even assign unique caller ID vibrations that indicate who is calling even if the phone’s sound is disabled.

The device, meanwhile, includes a new “My Own Haptic” menu that lets users touch and drag icons representing wave shape, duration, and intensity to create vibrational patterns. Interesting stuff at least in theory.