Imgur’s Native Ads Get Up to 13X More Engagement Than Facebook

The image-hosting site's native ads boast high engagement rates thanks to the shareability of visual content.


Imgur’s native ads get between a one and four percent engagement rate, reports Adweek. That is three to 13 times more engagement than a Facebook page with a million fans.

The image-hosting site, which launched an analytics tool earlier this year, is a perfect platform for marketers thanks to the shareability of visual content.

According to Alexa, Imgur is currently the 21st highest-trafficked site in the U.S. The average visitor spends over five minutes on the site, with the largest share of users coming in from Reddit.

So far, the platform has run native advertising campaigns for Fox’s Let’s Be Cops, Anchorman 2 and General Electric.

From Adweek:

Imgur’s coo Matt Strader believes that what makes its native images engaging is that Imgur is set up so that its albums naturally tell a story, except they use pictures instead of words. “From a native advertising aspect, the essence of that experience works great on the Web and great with mobile—and the impact just grows more and more over time,” he stated.