Imangi Studios signs exclusive Android monetization deal with W3i

Imangi Studios, the independent studio behind the mobile mega-hit Temple Run, has signed a two year long deal that will see W3i become its exclusive monetization partner on Android.

Under the terms of the deal, Imangi Studios has integrated a W3i-powered offer wall that gives players the option to download, launch and play other Android games in exchange for free Temple Coins, the game’s virtual currency. W3i’s technology allows developers to run offers from multiple networks through a single offer wall, without having to negotiate separate agreements.

The financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed, but W3i typically operates its install business on a revenue share model, with developers taking home the lion’s share of the proceeds.

Today’s announcement marks the the second major Android-based deal W3i has signed this year. In June the company announced it would be Pocket Gems’ exclusive monetization solution provider on the platform.

W3i now reaches more than 14 million daily active users on Android — 5 million of which come from Temple Run alone, according to today’s announcement.