"I'm With COCO" Spreads Like Wildfire On Facebook

Thousands of Facebook users are rallying behind Conan O’Brien in the midst of his crisis as to whether or not he’ll stay with NBC. While the Facebook Page, “I’m With COCO“, was only recently set up, hundreds of users are joining every minute which means this Facebook Page could rapidly attract hundreds of thousands of users. The users who have joined so far are expressing their support via the Facebook Page’s wall in addition to switching their image to the “I’m With COCO” image displayed to the right.

Apparently numerous Tonight Show and NBC employees have changed their photos to “I’m With COCO”, which was originally created by Mike Mitchell. Mitchell is a professional illustrator who suddenly became inspired and decided that it was time to do something in support of O’Brien during this tumultuous time. Just while writing this article over the past few minutes, over 1,000 members have joined, and tens of users have posted wall posts.

The I’m With COCO campaign could soon become a viral sensation, although it will be difficult for it to keep up with the extremely popular Facebook Bra Color campaign that we covered last week. No matter what Conan O’Brien decides to do, it has become clear that the entire internet community has rallied behind the comedian, to show their support for him. The “I’m With COCO” image is an excellent work of art as it depicts the little bit of humor surrounding the situation, while allowing users to stand in solidarity with Conan.

While it’s unknown what NBC will decide to do, it’s clear that thousands of users are rapidly taking a stand, in turn making NBC look like evil-doers. You can show your support of Conan by joining the I’m With COCO Facebook Page.