“I’m Perez Hilton, I Don’t Have to Be Nice”

Perez Hilton is making the rounds this afternoon on the online and cable news shows and on his Twitter feed (@PerezHilton). Hilton, who was a Miss USA judge Sunday night, is standing by his characterization of Miss California as “a dumb bitch” for essentially disagreeing with him about gay marriage. He’d asked her her opinion during the pageant.

In between live appearances, he’s getting support from his A-list Hollywood friends including @mileycyrus and @heidimontag, who have replied and @BritneySpears, who hasn’t (Update: she did at 6:20pmET).

Below, Perez appears on CNN.com Live to explain his name-calling. He also invited Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who claims she may have lost the crown over the question, to go to church with him or “go have coffee or tea.” Tonight he’ll be on Larry King Live debating the issue with Dennis Prager.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Meanwhile, Newsbusters reports E! News anchor and managing editor Giuliana Rancic (@GiulianaRancic) Tweeted her feelings about Miss California this morning:

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