IKEA Knows How To Do Viral Video

IKEA is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. No matter where you live in the world, odds are you’ve got a friend with an EKTORP sofa, a FLARKE or a LACK table. IKEA is like the glue that binds our world together and if you step foot in an IKEA store anywhere on the globe you’d have no idea which country you are in (aside of course, from the currency written on the price tags). For this reason, IKEA is a prime candidate for successful global video campaigns and have done quite on their own in the viral arena, as well as with the help of their fans.

Herding Cats

Yesterday, IKEA’s British branch released an awesome new viral video, in which 100 cats roam free in an IKEA store. The adorable cats make themselves at home in the most recognizable store on earth. The ‘Herding Cats’ clip has garnered just over 4,000 views so far, but IKEA also launched a ‘Making Of’ component that has received over 280,000 views since yesterday.

Herding Cats

Behind the Scenes: Herding Cats

Hooray For The Everyday!

Back in July IKEA launched another cool viral video campaign to promote their 2011 catalogue. The video, called ‘Hooray for the everyday!’ slows down our every day moments to create art, and it really is a sight to behold.

Israel Gives IKEA A Stop Motion Twist

Just to illustrate how international IKEA is, here’s a YouTube clip of a stop motion IKEA commercial that aired last year in Israel. The campaign is certainly well executed and is reminiscent of other stop motion virals on the Web, most notably Oren Lavie’s music video ‘Her Morning Elegance’. My guess is that if this video had had a voice over in English, rather than Hebrew, it would have gotten a lot more views online.

IKEA: They Get By With a Little Help From Their Fans

IKEA marketers aren’t the only masterminds behind viral videos that promote their products. There have been a lot of cool IKEA videos uploaded by fans. A Vimeo creator builds a fire using nothing but IKEA products, a comedian moves into an IKEA store for a week, and a couple of drunk guys do their best to assemble IKEA furniture in a fun online competition called ‘Dead Drunk but Trying’. Check out these IKEA fan videos below and let us know, what do you think? Do you have a favorite IKEA viral video?


Mark Moves Into IKEA

Dead Drunk But Trying