Dallas Mavericks Use Ifeelgoods to Let Users Earn Facebook Credits for Following Twitter Accounts

NBA team the Dallas Mavericks is running a promotion powered by micro-incentives platform Ifeelgoods offering 5 free Facebook Credits for following or retweeting the team’s Twitter account. The Facebook Credits Page posted about the contest, which lasts from November 1st until November 5th, when those who follow the team will be sent a direct message on Twitter containing the Credits.

The promotion appears to be the first publicly announced promotion powered by Facebook app2user program partner Ifeelgoods, which seeks to help companies reward users for making purchases, sharing with friends, clicking ads, signing up for email updates, and now following Twitter accounts. Since Credits are cheap to distribute and can be accumulated, they represent a low cost way to offer a compelling incentive for a call to action.

Ifeelgoods appears to be running two parallel websites, leading the privacy and terms and conditions pages which are cited on the promotion page to be improperly linked to pages which doesn’t exist. NBA.com’s site vaguely states that the Credits “can only be used in connection with Ifeelgood’s Facebook application”, but the real terms and conditions page doesn’t make this clear.

Other stipulations include that the Credits expire 14 days after being awarded, only the first 1000 retweets and 15,000 follows of @dallsmavs will qualify, and “Ifeelgoods and its merchant partners reserve the right to void or otherwise “take back” Facebook Credits that User received in connection with a merchant partner purchase that User later returned to the merchant partner.” This last stipulation could possibly be used to strip Credits from those who delete their retweet or soon unfollow @dallasmavs.

If the promotion succeeds, many other companies may seek to begin offering micro-incentives. By closely watching how these promotions are used and abused, Ifeelgoods will be able to develop best practices, protection against gaming of the system, and a suggested reward price list for different common calls-to-action.

Update: Suchit Dash, Co-founder & VP of Product of Ifeelgoods, has confirmed with us that the Facebook Credits earned through this promotion can be spent anywhere. The links on the product page have also been fixed.

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