If You Lost any Facebook Friends Yesterday, Blame Jimmy Kimmel

The Second Annual National Unfriend Day Hits Facebook

Thursday was the second annual “National Unfriend Day,” a day meant to take stock of your ever-expanding social network.

“No one has thousands of friends” says Kimmel. “Acquaintances maybe, friends, no.”

Kimmel encouraged everyone to go through their Facebook friend list yesterday and cut anyone who isn’t a friend—”like spring cleaning, only you’re killing off people” he explains. Kimmel encouraged people to visit Jimmy Kimmel’s National Unfriend Day page on (where else) Facebook, where Facebook users were given everything they needed to unfirend people, including a National Unfriend Day support kit. Participants posted their before and after friend numbers on the page’s wall:

“I really feel like it’s gonna replace the Jerry Lewis telethon,” Kimmel joked in a phone interview with the Los Angeles Times this week. “We’re hoping to get Norm Crosby this year … We’re hoping that it goes on as long as there’s a Facebook.”

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