If You Can Tweet, You Might Just Score Yourself A Scholarship

Social media is a big part of business communication these days, and one university is really taking this to heart.

The University of Iowa’s Tippie School of Management is offering a full scholarship to their MBA program to one student who wows them in 140-characters or less.

Most students today have at least heard of Twitter, and many actually use it. So it’s not a huge stretch to guess that a lot of them will choose to write the tweet in the hopes of scoring a scholarship rather than slave away on a grad school application essay.

As Good.is reports, the Tippie School is asking potential grad students to explain “what makes you an exceptional Tippie MBA candidate and full-time MBA hire? Creativity encouraged!” And they have to do all of this in 140 characters or less.

The school is experimenting with taking applications from Twitter in the hopes that it shows them more “depth” about a candidate than an essay. This might sound counter-intuitive at first (after all, how deep can you go in 140 characters?), but as the school explains, they hope that applicants fill their tweets with links to “other social media such as blogs, video, Facebook, or a web page.” This way, the school can see t he student’s entire digital life… as if they weren’t looking into it in the first place.

The scholarship is a hefty one at $37,000. If the winner used all 140 characters, he or she would effectively be earning over $250 per character. Not bad, not bad at all.

The deadline for the Twitter-based applications is July 28th, and the winner will be announced August 4th.