Iconmania Ultimate challenges players’ pop culture knowledge on Facebook

Image via Random Logic Games

Random Logic Games has quietly released Iconmania Ultimate on Facebook, a sequel to the original Iconmania on Facebook and mobile. The game asks players to identify items in small square images, and then correctly type the names of those items to earn experience points and coins.

Iconmania Ultimate comes with additional categories when compared to its predecessor. Gamers can now identify items in categories like Music, Countries, Famous People, Movies and more. Each image may pertain to a single word, or a complete phrase, and Facebook users can simply type their response to quickly answer each one.

Spelling counts for each correct answer, and images become more obscure and, in theory, difficult as players progress. As players earn coins, they can spend them on power-ups that mark a correct letter, remove incorrect letters from the letter tray or ultimately solve the puzzle entirely.

Similar to games like Hang Man, users have clear spaces representing each final name, so this in itself helps as users know how long or how short a phrase must ultimately be. If all else fails, players can post the image to their timeline to ask their friends for help in finding the correct answer. Scores between friends can be compared on the in-game leaderboard.

Iconmania Ultimate is now available to play for free on Facebook. The game is currently growing, with over 42,000 monthly active players. You can track the game’s continued growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.