Iceland Rewriting its Constitution With Social Media Input

Icelanders are getting the opportunity to participate in the re-writing of the country’s Constitution via social media.

Not only can citizens make suggestions for what should appear in the document, they can comment on what’s been proposed. Thoughts are being collected across Facebook (the most popular network for this endeavor so far), YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter.

The effort is receiving praise from around the world for the democratic nature of the process and its transparency.

“This constitution-making is yet another example of why we need one open, unified global Internet,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“This is a beautiful idea and it is awe inspiring to see it in action,” said another.

Thorvaldur Gylfason, a representative on the country’s constitutional counsel told the Guardian that the “comments have been quite helpful and they have had a positive effect on the outcome.”

Parliamentary meetings have also been open to the public via website and Facebook.

A draft is expected at the end of July.

[via AllFacebook and GeekOSystem]