IBM Announces $1 Billion Facebook Commitment

At least that’s what the fake Steve Jobs says. I figured I’d have a little fun given that it’s Friday. No break for me this weekend but for those readers with a regular work schedule, I figure I’d give you something to end the week on. While this obviously isn’t true, it would be interesting if it was! The best part of the post reads as follows:

Also, IBM Global Services has created a Facebook consulting practice to help big companies develop strategies for moving onto Facebook, teaching them how to use Facebook to gain competitive advantage over the other companies that IBM is also assisting with Facebook-related engagements. Ad copy says the practice will be “aimed at achieving synergies, unlocking value and leveraging assets across multiple brands and platforms with an emphasis on growth, cost containment and unleashing a plan of action that can identify and solve real business pain points.”

You gotta love some of the top tier consulting nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of larger companies instructed their employees to join Facebook. Conversely, I’m starting to realize that there are some serious issues with Facebook having as much power as they do. As I wrote in my last post, Facebook doesn’t exactly have a clean record when it comes to censoring users on the site. One can only hope that this will start to open up more as they grow in size. At the same time though, they are going to need some serious spam filters.

I’m kind of going off on a tangent there. Oh well, it’s Friday! Thanks to Joe Grossberg for the heads up on the post.