IAB: Mobile ROI, Budgets Growing

At the Interactive Advertising Board’s Leadership Forum: Mobile seminar in New York, several mobile experts said the medium is increasingly going mainstream and is proving more effective than traditional channels, MediaPost reports.

For marketers, “the key is to figure out ‘what am I providing to the consumer that’s useful’ and they will follow you,” said Vladimir Edelman, CEO of Ansible, Interpublic’s mobile marketing agency, in the article. That means tailoring campaigns to take advantage of the specific advantages of cell phones. (And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean to get all creepy and track a user’s every move.)

Eric Bader, president and co-founder of mobile marketing firm Brand in Hand, gave an example of a mobile campaign for Tide, which offered on-the-go tips on how to treat certain stains. And moderator Julie Ask, a research director at JupiterResearch, said half of marketers surveyed by Jupiter say they are spending $50,000 or less on mobile campaigns, the report said—although Bader and others are seeing some mobile budgets in the $250k to $750k range as well.