I Am Hungry Sells for $20,100

I am hungry ebay screenshot

A week ago I wrote about the I Am Hungry application being listed on eBay. Today, the auction ended with a winning bid of $20,100. Not bad for an application that has 600 average daily users and no growth. The application has over 250,000 users but none of the user information has been stored in the database. This amounts to a whopping $33 per active user!

It looks like whoever purchased the application used the Adonomics valuation. Based on their statistics, the buyer of this application got a $4,000 discount. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what the buyer of this application is going to get from their investment. They have very few active users. For those of you who missed out on purchasing this application: go start a blog and write in it once a day and you will end up with almost as many daily visitors. If you can’t believe it, go check out the eBay auction.

Apparently you can update the profile box of each of the users. The owner can now at least do that which is pretty useful. There is no way of telling how many users still have the profile box showing though.