I am a Blogger.

I know it may seem odd to say, but the other day I had a meeting with some very interesting people and when I was introduced to new faces I was introduced as a blogger. At first I was taken back by this introduction. I had never really considered myself a blogger, I always thought myself a PR flack who happens to blog.

Then it dawned on me; being called a blogger is not like being called a writer, there is a slight difference. A blogger isn’t a job unto itself like a writer, a blogger is more like a modifier, you do something else and you also blog.

I know plenty of writers; writers for papers, books magazines, heck I even know a guy who writes instruction manuals for electronics. All of these people consider writing their profession. I, coming from the PR/Marketing world, have always considered writing as a tool. I write because it is the most effective channel for getting my message out.

I guess that is why I never really considered myself a blogger. I never really considered a blog more than a tool for getting my message out to as many people who would read it. The more I thought about it I started to think this is what all bloggers really were.

How many bloggers do you know actually make a living off of their blog. Very few, it’s like being in a band. Sure there are some bands out there that make a living playing music, but most of us do it as a passion not a profession.

In that sense I am a blogger. I am someone who writes because he has a passion for PR/Marketing and social media. My profession will always be PR/Marketing but my passion could be considered blogging. Are you a blogger?

I mean are you a real blogger? Are you someone who writes because you have a passion for what you are writing about or are you a writer who happens to publish on a blog? There is a major difference and I wonder how many each type there is out there. Let me know what you are.