Hyatt Offers Free Internet For Becoming A Fan

The Hyatt Regency Cambridge has a new promotion running which provides residents with complimentary internet for 1 night in exchange for becoming a fan of their Facebook Page. However according to Atif Nazir who took the photo, the company appears to be tracking actual traffic and actions of the user rather than using any form of official integration with Facebook.

We’ve seen plenty of strategies used by companies to drive fan growth. As Dennis Yu wrote this morning, figuring out cheap ways to drive fans is important. In this case the hotel is willing to forgo $12.95 of revenue in exchange for a user becoming a fan. So far the strategy has resulted in the addition of 380 fans. While the company was avoiding $12.95 in revenue, it’s difficult to attribute that to the cost.

Running a wireless service within a venue is ultimately a flat cost. There’s no additional cost per user, although the fixed costs of a wireless system for a hotel that sleeps 10,000 people a night will be much more expensive than for one which sleeps 100 people each night. Anyways, the interesting strategy highlights just how far companies will go to obtain “Likes” and it also illustrates an interesting strategy for attracting new fans.

While the company could have just spent money on Facebook Ads, making your customers happy by giving them a free night of internet access surely is nothing to complain about.

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