Newly Redesigned and Renamed HuffPost Also Has a New Twitter Strategy

One editor or reporter will helm @HuffPost each week

The Huffington Post’s design overhaul and rebranding as HuffPost, announced earlier this week, also included a change to the media site’s Twitter strategy.

Starting this week with editor in chief Lydia Polgreen, one editor or reporter will helm @HuffPost each week, continuing to tweet the site’s best stories, as well as incorporating the beat or focus they are responsible for.

HuffPost director of growth and analytics Kiki Von Glinow told Social Pro Daily that the editor or reporter who is running the account for the week will join a Slack group that includes the site’s social editors, ensuring that the biggest stories of the day are featured, adding:

The idea is that each reporter will share those stories (and more) with our readers through their unique lens. The aim is to have a place that showcases the absolute best of HuffPost on a daily basis.

Von Glinow discussed the motivation behind the new Twitter strategy with Social Pro Daily:

This new strategy for our @HuffPost Twitter account was really born out of two things: a continued effort to grow the footprint of our editors’ and reporters’ personal social media brands, and a desire to further close the gap between our reporters and the people their stories serve.

Reporters who are taking over will definitely be interacting with thoughtful Twitter replies and passing potential story angles that come out of those conversations back to our social team and assignment editors. Every Friday, we’ll be teasing the following week’s reporter takeover so that our followers can get acquainted with their voice and area of expertise with a follow.

Further elaborating on the benefits for the site’s editors and reporters, she added:

We have been doing an internal influencer sprint for the better part of this year to grow our editors’ personal social media followings, and this Twitter strategy is an extension of that. The influencer sprint has consisted of best practices sessions with the platforms and trainings lead by internal staffers, giving our reporters and editors the tools and resources they need to take their personal brands to the next level.

It’s been amazing to see the enthusiasm from the newsroom around this—many of our reporters have even created internal partnerships with each other to encourage their followers to check out their colleagues’ work on their accounts. Overall, throughout this personal brand sprint (we’re about two-and-a-half months in), our editors have grown nearly 20 percent in total followers.

Now, giving our reporters the full weight of our @HuffPost Twitter account (our biggest social media account, at nearly 10 million followers) takes this to the next level. Our reporters are the voice of HuffPost, so we thought we’d make that more transparent by having them pull the levers. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.