Huffington Post Media Group Picks First Six New Hires

The Huffington Post Media Group announced its first six hires since the merger of The Huffington Post and Aol: Michael Calderone (as previously reported), Trymaine Lee, Michael McAuliffe, Jon Ward, Bonnie Kavoussi, and Lucas Kavner.

Calderone, formerly of Yahoo! News’ The Cutline, will be senior media reporter. New senior reporter Lee had been with The New York Times. McAuliffe, previously with the New York Daily News, is the new senior congressional reporter. The Daily already suffered its first loss in Ward, who was named senior political reporter. New business reporter Kavoussi is set to graduate from Harvard University. And Unigo founding editor Kavner will be The Huffington Post Media Group’s entertainment reporter.

Huffington Post Media Group president and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said:

One of the Huffington Post Media Group’s main goals is to deliver engaging and high-impact journalism, and these hires are an exciting addition to our reporting team. Michael Calderone has distinguished himself as a top media reporter, and Michael McAuliff has consistently broken away from the pack on Capitol Hill. Trymaine Lee, who won a Pulitzer for his Hurricane Katrina coverage, will cover national issues impacting the black community, and Jon Ward will provide coverage of national politics, including in-depth reporting of the 2012 race. We’re also delighted to add Bonnie Kavoussi and Lucas Kavner to our initiative to help develop young journalistic talent.

Aol chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong added:

These new hires, which are only the beginning, demonstrate our commitment to great journalism. An outstanding team of talented editors, writers, and reporters — ranging from award-winning veterans to budding new journalism stars — will be at the heart of the Huffington Post Media Group. One of Arianna’s highest priorities is to build this first-class team across the many content areas covered by Aol and The Huffington Post, and to maximize the impact of their work on every platform, with great reader engagement.

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