HubSpot CEO Supports Naps During Working Hours

HubSpot, a well-regarded marketing SaaS, has a novel CEO. In fact, he enjoys the occasional epiphany during working hours, but only after a brisk catnapThe New York Times shared a cup of java with HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan, whom has his own couch with reserved snooze time.

The interview cites findings from the software giant’s own study about this theory. Conclusions were the following:

  • Subjects who napped dramatically outperformed non-nappers.
  • The best time to nap is between 1 and 3 p.m., when the body desires sleep most.
  • The ideal length for a workplace nap is 30 minutes or fewer, which ensures you won’t fall into deeper stages of sleep and wake up with the loopy feeling scientists call “sleep inertia.”

Question: Would this fly in today’s PR or just fly in the face of it? 

Here’s a summary of why Halligan is promoting catnaps—and yes, PR curmudgeons, he’s talking to you:

We’re trying to build a culture specifically to attract and retain Gen Y’ers. I just think cultures are stuck in the 1990s and don’t match the way Gen Y’ers work. So we set it up for them in a way that they really like. They want to work wherever they can work. They want a ton of freedom. They want to change jobs every six months, so we’re very aggressive about pushing people around to different jobs.

They care less about money and more about learning. We want there to be a certain percentage of the company that moves every three months between departments and does new jobs. One of the things I track is what percentage of the company changed jobs in the last three months. If that’s flattening out, I get worried because I know these Gen Y’ers will leave if they’re not moving around.

While I agree with most of this assessment about Gen Yers, eh … “care less about money”? Not so much. You ever passed one up for a promotion? You know that aphorism about a woman’s scorn? Whelp, I know women and men that hurl some fiery quips about money. Maybe a nap would do them some good after all.

What do you think about the creation of a designated nap room in your office? I know some people call that “their desk,” but what about this? Comments are open, kids.