10 How To YouTube Channels For Creative Inspiration Seekers

YouTube is chock-full of amazingly fun and crafty How To channels that can help you get your creative juices flowing. Check out ten of our favorite How To YouTube channels after the jump.

Looking for a little bit of creative inspiration? YouTube is chock-full of amazingly fun and crafty How To channels that can help you get your creative juices flowing. As part of my 2011 New Year’s resolution to be more creative I’ve been doing some research to find fun craft ideas and how to videos on YouTube. Here are ten of my favorite How To YouTube channels to inspire and motivate you to get creative!

MAKE Magazine

The MAKE Magazine YouTube channel has all sorts of nifty projects. What I like the most about MAKE is that they’ve got a whole variety of project types from crafting to technology. Check out a Jell-O Mold competition, learn how to use shoelaces to turn your shoes into cool Basket Weave Kicks or take a lesson in guitar pedal hacking. Learn how to make a messenger bag out of trash in the video below. Pretty cool, eh?

The Curbly Video Podcast

I came across the Curbly Video Podcast on YouTube while doing research for my post on Gift-Giving YouTube Style over the holiday season. The Curbly Podcast has got all sorts of great DIY videos. Learn how to make a picture frame from a circuit board, how to hand-paint fleece and, my favorite, how to make a handbag out of an old book.

Cooking With Dog

Want to get creative in the kitchen? There’s no better way to be inspired than by a cooking dog, right? Francis is a toy poodle who hosts Cooking With Dog. It’s the perfect way to get inspired to do something amazing in the kitchen, particularly if you like Japanese cuisine.


ThreadBanger is one of YouTube’s most popular creative How To channels. The channel hosts over 400 videos, mostly made up of fashion and home décor DIY projects. I’m always impressed by how easy to follow the video tutorials on ThreadBanger are. They make even complicated projects, like learning how to knit, simple.

Expert Village

Expert Village is a treasure trove of all kinds of DIY and How To videos, made by experts. Expert Village has all sorts of videos, answering virtually any question you may have. They’ve got cooking videos, crafting videos and more for adults and kids alike.

MonkeySee Videos

You know what’s awesome? Duct tape crafts! The MonkeySee Videos YouTube Channel has a whole playlist of Duct Tape craft videos, including how to make a Duct Tape wallet, purse, belt, rose, flip flops and more. Embedding has been disabled for this video but you can click here or on the image below to watch it on YouTube.

Zuliblu 365 Days of Crafts

Julie of 365 Days of Crafts loves all sorts of crafting including sewing, knitting, jewelry making and more, and she posts tons of fun how to videos to YouTube. My favorite video would have to be her How To Make A Rally Beard, for sporting events or costumes. Fear the beard!

Craft: Craftzine.com

The CRAFT YouTube Channel is a sister of MAKE Magazine (above). CRAFT celebrates the world of crafts and DIY spirit and has tons of super cool crafts projects. I just saw TRON: Legacy (rock!) so I’m all about this awesome TRON bag with EL wire right now. All I need now is a soldering iron!


Etsy is the place to go to find other people’s awesome arts and crafts projects, but rather than buy from other people why not check out the How To Videos on the Etsy YouTube channel and make some awesome arts and crafts of your own? Etsy has a bunch of DIY videos on their channel in a How Tuesday playlist. Check out this disgusting Gore-Fest DIY Halloween decorations video.

Shiho’s DIY Crafts

Shiho’s DIY Crafts is another great channel to find inspiration and great DIY crafting ideas. Shiho puts an emphasis on eco-friendly crafts and teaches you how to make everything from festive gift-wrap to pop-up cards and even how to make a cool bag out of a t-shirt.