How to Test Your Twitter Influence With Klout

So you’ve reached a certain milestone on Twitter – 100 followers, 1000 followers – and you think you’re just the cat’s meow. However, it isn’t enough to just have followers: you need to be able to influence them, too. That’s where Klout comes in. Klout is a wildly popular tool that can measure your influence on a variety of social networks, using algorithms and several different parameters to see just how much clout you have. Here’s how to test your Twitter influence with Klout.

What is Twitter Influence on Klout?

Klout will give you a number between 1 and 100 that represents how much influence you have on Twitter.

This number is a result of three different factors, which are in turn a result of over 35 different attributes. These three factors are your True Reach (the size of your engaged audience; those who actively listen and participate), Amplification (the likelihood that your Tweets will be re-Tweeted), and Network (how influential your network is). To get at these numbers, Klout examines every click, comment and re-Tweet.

For instance, to get at your Amplification score – or how likely it is that your content will be acted upon, Klout looks at such things as your number of unique re-Tweeters, unique @ senders, follower mention percentage, and more.

How to Test Your Twitter Influence on Klout

It’s quite simple to see how you stack up on Klout.

Step one: Visit the Klout webpage and enter the username of your Twitter account beneath “View your Klout influence report”. This is to check and see whether your account has already been linked to Klout in the past.
Step two: Click “Sign Up” if this is your first time using Klout.
Step three: Enter your Twitter name (or email you used to sign up to Twitter) and password, then click “Allow”. Or, if you are already signed in to Twitter, simply click “Allow” to give Klout permission to connect to your account.
Step four: Enter your email address, and wait for email confirmation that your account is ready.
Step five: Return to Klout when you receive this email (which usually takes no more than 5 minutes), and navigate to “My Profile” in the top right corner to view your Klout Score, True Reach, Amplification and Network scores.

How to Read your Twitter Influence on Klout

So you have a number, now what?

Take a look at the influence score for alltwtr:

We have a total Klout score of 43 – not bad for a Twitter account that has been active for just over one week. This score is a result of the other three scores in the bracket beside it. Our True Reach is 71, meaning that 71 of our followers are actively engaged with us (thanks!). Amplification is 30, which is a number out of 100 indicating how likely it is that people will engage with our content. And the Network score of 56 is again out of 100, indicating just how influential our network of engaged followers is.

If your Klout score is only 10 or 6 or 22, don’t distress. It’s easy to raise if you spend some time interacting with your network. Re-Tweet things that you think are valuable; reply to your followers; join a hashtag conversation. The more engaged you are, the more engaged your followers will become with your content.