How To Pitch PRNewser

Lots of sites (ok, two) are posting “how to pitch” articles this week. Hey, it’s great link bait! And helpful, too.

Despite the title of this post, we won’t delve into a list themed entry here, with every detail of how to best pitch us. Fact is, we don’t get a ton of pitches. Shocking, we know.

However, they are starting to come in at a faster pace, with a majority fitting into the following two categories:

We won a new client!

We hired somebody!

These announcements are fine, we all issue them – and we will run them in our Spin the Agencies of Record series and other posts, on occasion.

Here’s the real challenge: say what you will about him, but we agree with TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington when he says, “The story I want to write is often the one you don’t want me to write.”

Elaborating on that point, tell us why you won the client, who you beat (if you know). Talk about how you scored a killer media placement.

The tipster who sent in the item yesterday about Blinn PR / LinkedIn is a perfect example. You can be assured that the next time that person emails us, they will have our eyes beceause we know they understand what we’re looking for.

Well then, that wasn’t so bad, was it?