How To Move An Android App To The SD Card

After reading Todd’s post this morning and learning that Android apps are slowly being updated so they run from a storage card, I decided to do some investigation into how the process for getting an app onto the card works. Todd said that one of the apps that has been updated is Wifi Analyzer, which was installed on my phone, so I uninstalled it and then re-installed it.
The installation process for Wifi Analyzer did not prompt me for a location where I wanted the application to be installed; I had expected to be asked whether to install the app in the phone’s storage or the storage card. After the application installed I opened the Application Manager, (Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications) tapped on Wifi Analyzer, and saw a button labeled Move To SD. Tapping on the Move To SD button moved the application from the phone storage to the storage card, and after about a second the process completed and the label on the button changed to Move To Phone.
I opened every application entry in Application Manager and found a few other applications that had the Move To SD button, and moved those applications to the card. The startup and performance of Wifi Analyzer, as well as all the other apps moved to the card, was no different than when the app was in the phone’s storage.
Todd also stated that Google Sky Map was another app that can be installed on the storage card, and I never had that app on my phone, so I installed it. Again, there was no prompt during the installation for where to install the application, however, when I opened Google Sky Map in the Application Manager, I was surprised to see that it was already on the storage card.
What I learned is that you will not be prompted during installation for where you want an application to be installed. Some applications may automatically install to the storage card, but if an app is on the phone it can be moved to the storage card by using the Application Manager.