How To Make Your Own Kindle Cover

Don’t want to spend $30 or $40 on a cover for your eReader? Well, you can make your own. Check out this handy how-to at the crafts site Chica and Joe. GalleyCat noticed this earlier today. Check out the video above for how the case works.

Here’s what they say about their cover: “Like any good electronic device that you’ve invested money in, you’ll want to protect your Kindle with a cover. Ideally, it will be a useful and protective cover that’s also inexpensive. And it would be nice if it could prop the Kindle up for table-top reading or let the Kindle lay flat for hand-held reading. Oh, and it’s got to look crazy cute, too!”

The only probably is you can’t use the keyboard without taking your Kindle out of the case, but, let’s be honest, you can hardly use the keyboard anyway. So where’s the make-your-own iPad cover?