How To Know Immediately The Next Time Twitter Is Down

Yep, Twitter has been going up and down like a merry-go-round today. Has this annoyed you? Affected business interactions possibly? Or maybe the only real trouble you’ve had is wasting time reading posts reporting these supposedly catastrophic outages (they’re really not a huge deal).

So we will now save you from having to read said posts ever again, by showing you how you can know immediately the next time Twitter is down.

And when those “OH MY GOD, TWITTER IS DOWN!!!” posts pop up, you can just ignore them. Unless Twitter is down ALL day. But we’ll show you where to go then too.

Starting around 7am PT, you may have seen the Fail Whale when you tried to log on to Twitter:

If not, you undoubtedly saw the many, many, MANY posts telling you Twitter was down.

Want to be among the first to know next time and maybe pen an annoying post of your own? There’s a handy little site called GotSiteMonitor where you can set up FREE alerts and have them texted to your phone (like I do) whenever the blue bird experiences a hiccup.

And if you want to go to the source to see what’s what (if Twitter is down for a considerable amount of time), you can always check Twitter’s status on the Twitter Status page. Yep, that’s where everyone gets the low down.

P.S.? It went down again this afternoon for a few minutes, at around 2:20pm PT. Alert the press!

(Frantic person image from Shutterstock)