How to Keep Corporate Messages From Getting Lost in Translation


A new Burson-Marsteller study says there’s something big missing between the messages companies send and what the media delivers about them. A look at 158 corporate messages from 16 companies from the Financial Times Global 100 across the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific yielded a 48 percent “gap,” with a higher percentage of miss (69 percent) between corporate message and bloggers, who are more likely to weigh in. The study showed all four regions experiencing missed messaging, with an emphasis on Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Key takeaways:

1. Support branding language with concrete facts, and tie the message back to the company’s identity to maximize impact.

2. To keep the company’s message from getting lost, “tell the whole story.”

3. Information has to be accessible-if you use jargon, it’ll get hijacked and runs the risk of being redefined.

4. Press releases are being read by everyone, and hence should be written accordingly.

5. Catering to bloggers when you do your messaging may not be such a bad idea because they’ll be out putting information together anyway.