How to go Crazy on Twitter, or Use it to Network: Top 10 Twitter Stories of the Week

It’s finally the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter just turns off. We’ve compiled our top ten stories of the week, so you can do some weekend catch-up. From how to network more effectively on Twitter to a story about how economists are using Twitter to beat the stock market, here are our top stories of the week.

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  1. 7 Ways to Network more Effectively on Twitter
  2. The Happiest Country on Twitter is… [Infographic]
  3. Twitter Launches New Followers Dashboard to all Advertisers [Screenshot]
  4. 25 Creative Tweet Prompts to Help You Banish (140 Character) Writer’s Block
  5. How to Keep your Twitter Account Active – Even When You’re on Vacation
  6. A Look at The Top 25 Newspapers on Twitter
  7. 5 Must-Have Twitter Gifts for the Tweet-Obsessed
  8. So, How Many Active Users Does Twitter Really Have? 200 Million? 100 Million? 50 Million?
  9. Economists Use Twitter To Beat The Stock Market
  10. It’s Okay To Go Crazy On Twitter (Just As Long As You’re Consistent About It)