How To Get Thousands Of Facebook Fans With A Single Video

-Facebook Video Fan Prompt-As many of our readers have noticed over the past few weeks, Facebook videos now include a feature which lets you become a fan of a Facebook Page while watching the video. The power of this feature cannot be understated as a video which includes a call to action, is much more valuable than a video by itself. If you want to drive new fans to your Facebook Page, this feature combined with high quality content is priceless.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video which prompts you to subscribe to the user’s channel? If you follow YouTube at all, you’ll notice how a large percentage of the top channels encourage users to “Subscribe”. Those subscribers are essentially the equivalent of Facebook fans. However the majority of videos that you see shared on Facebook Pages (including our own videos) fail to include a call to action.

If you want to dramatically increase the number of fans you have on your Facebook Page, there is a simple method for doing so:

  1. Develop extremely engaging video content (funny, thought stimulating, etc). If you don’t have the creativity to come up with “viral content” that people will share, take some of the top viral videos on youtube and other sites and compile them into one with segments from each (make sure you aren’t violating copyright laws).
  2. At the end of each video, prompt the viewer to become a fan and explain to them how to mouse over the top of the video (as pictured above).
  3. Share the video and encourage others to share the video as well.

I cannot emphasize how powerful this promotional method is. While I discussed the power of Videos in our “30 Days to 3,000 Fans” guide, at the time Facebook had yet to add a feature which lets users become a fan directly from the video. My guess is that thanks to this new feature, you will see many more Pages posting videos that encourage viewers to become fans.

While I occasionally see interesting videos pop-up in my news feed, the majority of them come from YouTube. This in-video fan feature also provides a significant incentive for brands to develop creative videos, something that I’d expect to see more of over the coming months.

Many commenters have said that they can’t see the link. If you are the page administrator and/or a fan of the page, you will not see the link. The link is only displayed for non-fans and those who are not page administrators.