How To Delete A Tweet

We all make mistakes. We’re human. And, unfortunately, social networks like Twitter seem to amplify these mistakes when we make them.

If you’ve ever tweeted something that you immediately regretted, rest assured, there is a way to delete it.

But before we get into how to delete tweets, let’s talk about how to avoid deleting tweets first.

You don’t want to constantly delete tweets from your Twitter stream. This will confuse your followers, and show that you don’t really understand the nature of Twitter.

Instead, spend just 15 seconds re-reading each tweet before you click “Send”. This is the best way to avoid deleting tweets in the future.

However, if you’ve already sent out something that you regret, here’s how to delete a tweet:

Go to (some of the dashboards will let you delete a tweet, but it’s best to go to the source). Log in using the Twitter account that sent out the offending tweet.

Navigate to your profile page, where you can see the list of your most recent tweets. If the one you want to delete was sent recently, it should be near the top of the list; if not, scroll down until you find it.

Hover your mouse over the tweet, and a menu should appear beneath it. The “Delete” option will be the right-most item on the list. Click it, and voila! your tweet is gone.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when deleting tweets. The tweet will not be deleted immediately from Twitter search results, so if it contained a hashtag or something which people might commonly search for, it will likely appear in Twitter’s search results for some time.

Also, remember: a tweet is forever, even if it’s been deleted. Once a tweet has been sent out, there’s the possibility that it’s been retweeted or that someone has taken a screen capture. So, although you can delete a tweet, it’s much better to spend a little time reviewing your tweets before you send them out to avoid a permanent stain on your personal or professional brand.