How to Avoid Having Your Page, Open Graph Object, or Application Unliked, Removed, Muted, or Blacklisted

The following is an excerpt of content available in the Facebook Marketing Bible, our comprehensive guide to marketing and advertising your brand, business or content on Facebook.

Facebook gives users options on news feed and wall posts to stop receiving content from publishers they find exhausting, boring, annoying, irrelevant, offensive or spammy. To ensure they don’t lose valuable traffic and virality, publishers should do everything they can to make sure that what they post won’t make users cut off the news feed as a communication channel.

Facebook users can remove an item from their news feed or wall by clicking the ‘x’ which appears when the item is moused over. When an item by a Pages or Open Graph object is removed, the interface shows a drop-down menu allowing users to Unlike, Mark as spam, or Hide all by [Page or object]. When users remove an item published by an application, a confirmation pop-up appears allowing users to  “Remove [Application] from my list of applications”, “Don’t allow [Application] to publish without asking me”, or “Blacklist [Application] and add it to my blacklist”.

All of these options prevent a publisher’s content from appearing in a user’s new feed from then on. The Unlike and remove application options also remove the connection between the user and publisher from the user’s profile or bookmarks.

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