How Politicians SHOULD Be Using Social Media.

I wrote a post yesterday about politicians using social media wrong. I received a ton of DMs via Twitter and more than my share of emails. Most of the messages agreed with me but some of the messages (you know who you are) slammed me for simply mocking politicians for their faults.

One particular email asked me what I would do if I was working a campaign and I have to admit I didn’t know at first. What I did come up with was this: Hire me as your Social Media Advisor. Well for that matter hire anyone to be your advisor and let them focus on social media.

I then set myself to outline how certain social media tools could be used by politicians to inform the public. Of course a Myspace, Facebook and the other giants should be used but some of the other social media tools allow politicians really to connect with potential voters.

I first thought Utterz should be used to help the politician really speak to the people. Utterz offers a chance for a politician to grab his or her phone, speak their mind, and let people hear it. No need to deal with radios or timing, the politician can share his or her ideas as they happen with people who really want to hear them.

Next comes PocketCasting (video from your phone) as a tool to show the people who a politician really is. I have a Windows Mobile so I use Comvu and Zannel but there are other services out there for other phones.

The politician should be PocketCasting meetings, events, brainstorming sessions and even lunch. If the politician can’t do it personally someone should be doing it for him or her. Sharing ideas live through video not only lets you reach the people but shows the people how you act and interact with people around you; not canned video or T.V. press.

Twitter, I can’t say enough on why a politician should be tweeting during the day. I am not talking the canned tweets the current politicians are using now, “so and so raises 50 million dollars” or that the politician is about to go live on CNN. I am talking about really using twitter.

The politician should twitter what they are doing at just about every moment, meeting with senators, kissing babies, having a lunch with veterans. Those are the types of things that turn a politician’s action into voice. He or she should also be engaging question and answer sessions to see what people are thinking at a giving moment.

Now politicians out there have blogs, but to be honest I can’t stand reading them. I understand that politicians have to be handled and prepped before they deal with the public, but that really undermines the value of a blog.

magine if you read a politician’s blog and it was personal, I am not talking about dreams or any of that, but personal enough where you could tell the politician actually wrote their own blog. A blog that really got me into what that person was thinking, not just what their press secretary was thinking.

All of these tools I outlined could be used off the campaign trail too. After the politician is elected he or she could keep using these direct channels to the public to help inform the public and create a truly representative government.

These were just some of the many ideas I came up with. If you have any tools out there that you think a politician should use let me know, I love hearing about them. I would also like to see some examples of politicians you think have nailed the social media thing.

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