How often do Facebook mobile gamers make an in-game purchase?

Not long after Facebook launched mobile app action ads, reminding users to engage with apps they’ve already downloaded, a new study by game developer Arkadium shows that nearly 40 percent of gamers polled have made an in-game purchase on mobile.

These new ad units could definitely boost that number, as it would remind users to play with games or interact with apps they may have forgotten about.

Arkadium polled 1,500 adult players, asking about their gaming habits. The survey showed that 38 percent have made a mobile in-game purchase within a Facebook game. 43 percent have made mobile in-game purchases overall. Additionally, 56 percent of gamers polled play more than 3 Facebook games per week (48 percent said they play more than 3 mobile games per week).

This survey shows that the new ads, which place a premium on getting users from the mobile News Feed into a game (or other app) through commands such as “play game” or “open link.”

eMarketer commented on the study:

The stickiness of social and mobile gaming is considerable. A survey from game development studio Arkadium in Q2 2013 found that more than half of adult US gamers played more than three Facebook games per week, and just fewer than half played at least that many mobile games. Given that eMarketer estimates there will be 80.3 million social network users playing games at least once per month in 2013, and 125.9 million mobile phone gamers doing the same—with significant crossover between the two groups—that is a lot of people devoting significant time to gaming.

Readers: How often do you make some kind of purchase on mobile?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.