How Much You Need To Spend To Be Facebook's Largest Advertiser

-Facebook Advertising Icon-Want to become Facebook’s largest advertiser? After reading the recent data on Google’s top advertisers, I figured it would be a good time to take a look at Facebook’s top advertisers. While we don’t have the leaked documents to come up with a pretty chart like adage, we do have a lot of insider information as to what top advertisers are spending. According to a number of sources, if you want to be among the top advertisers, you will need to spend over $20,000 per day, or $2 million per quarter. That number is also increasing daily.

While we’ve heard that Zynga could be spending much more on Facebook advertising, companies like LivingSocial and Groupon are pouring money into the site in an effort to acquire new users as quickly as possible. As usual, the largest spending is coming from companies that have a flat user acquisition cost. Other top advertisers include the “Free Rich Dad” seminar ads, that you’ve no doubt seen across the site, as well as agencies who are responsible for running brand campaigns.

Right now the business for acquiring fans is growing rapidly as brands compete to become the most popular on Facebook. While they’re going after targeted users, some brands are willing to pay a flat rate of $2.00 per fan and the arbitrage ad networks are simply pocketing the difference. Much of the focus around Facebook Pages has proven to be a great channel for Facebook to accelerate the growth in advertising on their site.

The social games space has also been extremely lucrative for Facebook as game developers pour in hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch each game. Successful games can also generate millions of ad revenue for Facebook as the companies look for other ways to reengage users. With Facebook potentially on track to generate upwards of $2 billion in revenue this year, the company’s advertising business is booming.

While Facebook may not have any clients that are comparable to what Google is generating per month, Facebook’s ad growth is fast. There’s also no doubt an increasing tension between the two companies as Facebook begins to provide their alternative search system and increasing budgets continue to pour into Facebook’s coffers. While we haven’t been able to confirm Facebook’s $2 billion revenue projection, we’ve spoken to a large number of advertisers who are spending large amounts on Facebook daily, and they are extremely satisfied.

It’s also clear that Facebook’s previous acceptance of affiliates who’d spend upwards of $50,000 a day, is no longer happening. Facebook has legitimate advertisers who are happy to $20,000 a day, without stealing users’ money for fake IQ quizzes.