How Many More ‘Call Me Maybe’ Web Videos Can We Expect?*

How many times have you heard the song “Call Me Maybe” today? We’re not talking about on the radio or on Spotify. Just on the Internet in general. To write this story I listened to the song on a continuous loop for way longer than one should while all kinds of people lip synched on the computer screen.

I get that the song is catchy. And I totally understand all the fun involved with having imaginary phone calls with imaginary hotties. But what is it about this song that has got everyone doing their best “Puttin’ on the Hits”?

College students, PR firms, beauty queens, cheerleaders, James Franco, and the President have all appeared in “Call Me Maybe” videos in just the past few weeks. It’s lunacy.

The New York Daily News says the craze started, as most crazes do, with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who did a version of the song with some famous friends back in February.

For Carly Rae Jepsen, this is a wonderful thing, of course — a number one spot on the charts and worldwide recognition. But we wonder if she’s headed for the “one hit wonder” dustbin at the VH1 offices if this keeps up. Maybe recording Web-video-generating hits will be her thing.

*Update: Seriously, this will never end. We came across three new ones today and since they’re pretty funny, we had to share.

The one up top is Colin Powell giving it his all on CBS This Morning. Click here to watch Tay Zonday, the Internet sensation (?) who sang “Chocolate Rain” doing it baritone style. And scroll all the way down for a version by designer Rebecca Minkoff, model Hilary Rhoda, and blogger The Man Repeller as they get ready for the CFDA Awards earlier this month.

*Update: One more apparently. [Via]