How Dyson Made Vacuuming Appealing to Men

Dyson has announced that it will open a call center in Aurora, Illinois, adding 200 jobs to America’s struggling economy. The British-based vacuum cleaner brand is investing $1.5 million into the effort, and their latest move underscores the ways in which shrewd PR and an innovative sensibility can spell profits in a recession while changing our very culture.

Chances are your dad didn’t vacuum much. When picturing the average American dad at home, we conjure images of middle-aged men grilling outside, mowing the lawn or working on a car in the garage. We don’t romanticize the idea of the man of the house vacuuming a hallway.

Until now, that is.

Dyson has made vacuum cleaners, and vacuuming, cool by recasting the vacuum as a tool for tech geeks and mechanics–in other words, stereotypical men. Guys can now talk about vacuum cleaners the way they talk about the engine of a Porsche, because Dyson advertises the science behind its bagless cyclone technology through various PR campaigns—all which appeal to testosterone. Dyson chose to focus on Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day.

Don’t believe us? Dyson commercials and print ads highlight the specific parts of the vacuum and how they contribute to the whole experience–yes, the experience–of vacuuming. James Dyson, the inventor and founder of the company, developed a way to remove dirt from air by using centrifugal force rather than a filter. Awesome, right?

Even better: The bodies of Dyson vacuum cleaners are made of transparent plastic molds that allow you–the man–to see into the machine and appreciate the engineering behind the design and the technology behind the power: Those formidable tubes of the humming turbine; the Ball technology that allows for taking sharp corners; the sleek designs that resemble a cross between a classic sports car and 23rd century robot.

Dyson, which first came to America 10 years ago, carefully studied its customer base and developed PR campaigns that directly appealed to their passions. So for you men out there: Feel the power. Take control.

Go clean that living room carpet.

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