How Do You Like the New Friendfeed?

Aside from Twitter and Facebook, the next big thing in the social networking/web 2.0/social media world is Friendfeed. There was even a time when Friendfeed and Twitter have been pitted against each other. But for quite some time now, Friendfeed has been pretty silent while Twitter continues its rampage. Until now. It looks like Friendfeed is ready to battle again with a new interface currently in beta. And guess what, the new Friendfeed interface is more like Twitter now. According to the Friendfeed blog, the new features of the new Friendfeed page include:
Real-time updating of pages – Yes, finally you don’t have to hit that refresh button to get the latest updates from your Friendfeed contacts. But this is something which Twitter had a long time ago. So, it’s good to know that Friendfeed is trying to catch up with Twitter.
More powerful sharing options – You can now select to whom you want to share your Friendfeed items with. You can opt to share with a few friends or all of your friends. In addition, you can also send DMs to anyone who’s subcribed to you.
Advanced search options with filters – You can choose various filtering options to see only relevant Friendfeed items. You can filter by selected friends or entries that contain certain keywords.
Plus some other tiny feature updates including profile information, discussion streams, and smarter search box.
But of course, the biggest update is the look and design of the Friendfeed page. It’s a big overhaul of the previous home page. And I could just imagine the reactions that Friendfeed will get from this new home page design. Many would definitely dislike it as it’s a big departure from the current design.

Interestingly, the new Friendfeed home page looks more like Twitter’s home page. The big difference is the fact that Friendfeed is more spunky and attractive and occuppies the whole of your browser’s window.
The new features are definitely a welcome development. Although I think the Friendfeed folks might want to think about the new home page design for a moment before making it final. Or better yet, consider what the Friendfeed users have to say about it. If my opinion shall be counted, I prefer this new home page design which is in beta right now.