How Disney is Using Their 100 Million Facebook Fans To Promote Tron: Legacy

Over the weekend, Disney hit a major milestone in the social media world as their combined pages on Facebook reached one hundred million fans. How is Disney using those fans to promote their next big blockbuster - Tron:Legacy?

Over the weekend, Disney hit a major milestone in the social media world as their combined pages on Facebook reached one hundred million fans. This means that Disney dominates Facebook at the moment, and they are using that domination to their advantage in order to promote their film projects. One of those upcoming film projects is up for release this month, and it is a big one – Tron: Legacy.

Fans have been waiting for the release of this film since it was announced, but the Comic Con panel in July raised the expectation to new heights. Tron: Legacy is the sequel to 1982’s Tron starring Jeff Bridges, and it showed the man that created the world of Tron sucked in and made a part of the program he created. Now, it is twenty-five years later in the world of the film and his son is sucked in when a mysterious communication takes place and brings him back to Flynn’s Arcade where it all started.

Jeff Bridges reprises his role in Tron: Legacy, and Garrett Hedlund plays his son Sam. The two must battle against the machine with the help of others in the Tron world, and Disney is truly banking on this film doing well for them. There are already plans in the works for an animated series for next year covering the missing years between the two films. Elijah Wood is just one of the big names attached that project.

In order to help promote Tron: Legacy, Disney has used a number of promotional tools. Several trailers and clips have been released, but the studio has also reached out to those one hundred million users on Facebook to help promote Tron: Legacy in the form of a Facebook app. The Get On The Grid Facebook app will let users jump into the world of Tron themselves by uploading their own picture. Once the picture is uploaded, they will find themselves inside Tron and riding a light cycle.

The face mapping software used in the Facebook app is definitely enough of a reason to check out the Tron Facebook app alone. It went live on Facebook in the last month or so, and the app is still live today. With the film’s release set for December 17th, the Get On The Grid Facebook app should get some use in the days ahead and following Tron: Legacy’s release as well.

When it comes to films, Disney is only continuing to release hit films, but they also know how to use all the possible avenues available to them to promote those film releases. Hitting up social media, which seems to be only expanding day by day is a smart move by the studio, especially for a film that deals with the computer world as Tron: Legacy does.

When it comes to sequels and remakes, the chance of success is always iffy at best. The films either do extremely well or flop shortly after release. With the amount of promotion put into Tron: Legacy, the opening weekend should be strong, but it will take continued promotion and good word of mouth to make it a success passed that first weekend. Disney is trying to get the word out and get people into theaters the first weekend. The Tron Facebook app is just helping them do that.

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