How Companies Are Using Omni-Channel Marketing to Reach Customers [Infographic]

From websites and email, to social media and print, every channel presents an opportunity to market.

Omni-channel marketing has become somewhat of a buzzword in the social media and marketing industries of late. Simply put, it means that your business markets across as many channels as it can to reach the target audience. From websites and email, to social media and print, every channel presents an opportunity to market. An infographic from Neustar outlines current opinions on the benefits of omni-channel marketing.

Among the companies surveyed, many realize the importance of omni-channel marketing. 30 percent believe these strategies are critical, and 40 percent believe them to be important. Only 14 believe that omni-channel marketing is not important.

Many companies are currently implementing omni-channel tactics, or they plan to implement them in the near future. 35 percent already market on multiple channels, and 27 percent plan to achieve that end goal in the future.

73 percent of respondents hope to deliver this experience through omni-channel marketing. Using data gathered across multiple channels to identify customers and personalize their experience was considered critical by 31 percent of respondents, important by 42 percent, and somewhat important by 17 percent.

The top 5 most important consumer data identifiers were:

  • email addresses
  • online cookies
  • cell phone numbers
  • home addresses
  • IP addresses and home phone numbers.

Ultimately, websites ranked as the most important customer touchpoint, with 87 percent of respondents ranking them as critical. Other marketing channels were still ranked as very important.  68 percent cited email, 61 percent cited mobile, 54 percent cited social media, and 53 percent cited search engines as being critical as customer touch points.

For more information on which touch points yield the greatest customer insight, and which customer data analytics trends were most important, view the infographic below.