How Can Writers Survive? Write Code

In whatmattshatz_100x100.jpg may become one of the most memorable moments of the eBook Summit, Dan Costa of PC Mag asked his fellow panelists what writers can do to survive. Matt Shatz, vp of of digital at Random House gave a telling answer in terms of how publishers may be thinking of their writers: “Write code,” he said. Code, not books. Ugh. This was certainly the most memorable moment of the panel titled “What’s Next for the eBook.”

Much of the panel was taken up with technical descriptions of various eBook formats. Nick Bogaty of Adobe’s digital publishing group explained the differences between PDF, Epub, and Amazon’s AZW formats, noting there is “no technical reason for Amazon’s proprietary format.”

Gil Fuchsberg
, president of, a company that will bring a wide array of media content, including periodicals, blogs, and books to mobile devices and eReaders announced that the first Skiff-enabled devices will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.