How Pages Can Use the Relaunched Facebook Question Product

The following is an excerpt from the Facebook Marketing Bible, the comprehensive guide to marketing your company, app, brand, or website using Facebook. The full version of this article, available through a Facebook Marketing Bible subscription, includes a walk-through for enabling Questions for your Page, a discussion of how you can track the performance of your Questions posts, how to choose between free-response and poll Questions, and explanations and sample Questions for all three core Question types: Pure fan engagement, market and competitive analysis Question, and product/Service feedback.

Yesterday, Facebook relaunched Facebook Questions. The question and answer product makes it easy for users to get recommendations from friends on things such as what camera to buy or what restaurant to visit. Facebook Page admins can also use Questions to gauge the opinions of their fans, which can help them optimize their marketing and product development plan, conduct market and competitive analysis, and engage fans in an inherently viral way.

Here we’ll discuss the viral potential of Questions, how Pages can derive the most worth from the product, explain why you should add Questions to your Page’s posting mix, and provide sample Questions.

Viral Reach of Questions

Asking for the opinion of fans through status updates has long been a solid Page posting strategy because it’s an easy way to engage them and generate lots of Likes and comments. However, these feedback mechanisms had little viral reach. By using the Questions product to ask for fan opinions, you can similarly engage them, but also receive more actionable data and much more exposure to the friends of your fans.

Questions appear in:

  • In the news feeds of your fans as full stories
  • On your Page’s wall as full stories
  • In the news feeds of friends of anyone who answers as full stories
  • On the wall of anyone who answers or comments on your Question as one-line activity stories

A link to your Page will appear in the “Asked by” section of the answer page, which viewers can hover over or click through in order to Like your Page.

All these stories and links combine to make Questions a large opportunity for Pages as a viral exposure channel. Each time a fan answers, they are actually reposting the question to their friends, driving Likes and awareness of your Page.

Asking Effective Questions

There are three core Question types:

  • Pure fan engagement Questions
  • Market and Competitive Analysis Questions
  • Product/Service Feedback Questions

Product/Service Feedback Questions

These Questions let you determine the wants and needs of your fans. They serve as cheap, fast focus groups, allowing you to assess if your product or service roadmap is aligned with what your fans desire.

It can be a great way to get a large sample of opinions on what part of your product or service fans value most, and what new areas you can expand into. When users feel that their opinions are respected and integrated into your roadmap, they feel a sense of ownership of your brand, leading to a sense of loyalty.

Some examples of product/service feedback Questions include:

  • Product/service expansion option Questions such as “What should be the next type of clothing should we carry?” for a clothing retailer, or “What international country should we tour in next?” asked by a musician.

To access the complete version of this article that includes additional sample Questions, explanations of the two remaining core Question types, and more about Question virality, visit the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook.