How Are Law Firms Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It must be tricky to navigate the public, open waters of social media when your entire job revolves around the law. After all, judges, lawyers and the like are still working out how to treat journalists tweeting from within courtrooms, libelous tweets and more.

A new study shows that law firms are a bit reluctant to fully embrace social media, although they do have a clear favorite when it comes to their network of choice.

The study was commissioned by LexisNexis, and surveyed 110 law firms around the world during the months of April and May 2011.

A full 77 percent of those law firms surveyed have at least once social media presence, but it sounds like they’re not being actively used in many cases.

Take LinkedIn for instance. This was the social network of choice for law firms, with 85 of the 110 using the network. However, many of those who have a registered company page only have a registered company page – they don’t use it for engagement, recruiting, client development or reputation management.

Twitter was the second most-used network among law firms, but its penetration was not that high: only 35 of the 110, or 32 percent, have a profile. And, just like with LinkedIn, a significant proportion of law firms do not actually use Twitter in any meaningful sense. They’ve just claimed their usernames, or they’re using it to broadcast press releases and other information.

Take a look at the infographic below for more information about how law firms are using Twitter and other social networks:

(Top image: EmiliaU via Shutterstock)