Hospitals Using Smartphone Tracker to Monitor Patients

Doctors and nurses are continually turning to smart phones to help patients. This, time it’s the data that is alerting nurses to changes to patients’ daily habits through Gingeri.o’s behavioral health analytics. taps into the continuous sensor data from your mobile phone and other devices to predict individual behavior changes and identify aggregate trends. Our research from MIT Media Lab demonstrated that location and communication sensors can be used to model individual symptoms and long term health outcomes.

The potential for big data in health care is endless. Current studies suggest that keeping tracks of patients and monitoring for signs of poor health can actually prevent unnecessary visits which can be costly. For nurses at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, this means automating monitoring. When patients shows signs of being lethargic and are avoiding normal activities the app alerts the patient that a nurse will be calling when the dashboard status turns red. is also looking to add features for automatic interactions like push notifications asking patients about their current pain conditions. Other ideas include messaging friends to call patients to help them cheer up or sending funny photos to improve moods.