HootSuite for Blackberry Gets a Big Update

HootSuite for Blackberry users, rejoice: the social media dashboard has been updated to deliver almost the same functionality as the robust web-based version. You can now manage multiple Twitter accounts, along with your LinkedIn profile, Facebook pages, and Foursquare presence using HootSuite on your Blackberry.

Announced on the HootSuite Blog, this is one of the biggest updates for its Blackberry product yet.

The Twitter functionality has been expanded to include easily favoriting a tweet from within the stream or in single message view, an “address book” of sorts that displays recently-replied-to friends in the compose window, reply-all for tweets, and the ability to create, view, and manage lists from right within the app.

HootSuite also added LinkedIn support, which its web-based dashboard already offered, along with the ability to import information from its web version to Blackberry. You can also access Foursquare from HootSuite for Blackberry now, and add Facebook pages directly from your handset.

As always, HootSuite for Blackberry is free to download and use on your handset.

You can view the full list of feature upgrades on the HootSuite Blog.